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...into Human vs. Artificial Intelligence...

AI is the science of making machines think like humans. We all experience machine intelligence in our daily lives and within business, ex online chats with businesses. But, AI cannot fully replicate human intelligence and creativity and understand the needs of the business (the seller) and the consumer (the buyer). The saying of "what makes them tick" can be seen by people. But, people use the technology of today to help businesses with their business.
Human Intelligence + AI = Better Business.

...with a review throughout 2023 and beyond...

Meaning reviewing reviews. 90% of consumers are influenced by review responses. Making sure you reply to each and every review, from 5 star to 1 star, is your chance to show customers that you care about what they have to say, and can even lead to you getting more reviews, improving your online ratings and showing off your brand as a trusted and transparent business to future customers.  A business has no control over what gets posted, but you can control over what is said in return.
Reviews + Response = Good Business.


Customers and consumers want and require information to make their buying decisions. The more information the better. Up to date  information is important. Are you including the details that a consumer needs to buy or use
your product or service?  Are you responsive to the needs of the buyer? The world has changed. Has your business changed with it?

From social distancing to social engagement, 2021 is about connecting to customers and consumers.  From online with Facebook, Google and others to developing direct relationships, the Next Normal is about the 3 C's:  Communicate, Connect, Convey - your message.  Have accurate information and reviews displayed and above all engage.


Did you know consumer actions online are getting more active from driving directions to click to call? Consumers are finding what they want faster, spending less time searching and more time engaging with businesses.  From desktop to laptop to tablet to smartphone and next...wearables.  Watch what you wear and wear what you watch!

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